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In addition to publishing two books about business websites and search engine findability, our principal, Randy Milanovic, has been featured, guest blogged, or mentioned in a variety of media, including:,,,, and more.

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9 Great Inbound Marketing Twitter Accounts


Great-Marketing-Twitter-Accounts9 inbound marketing Twitter accounts you should be following.

Going into the weekend here are some great Twitter accounts to inform you and help you be more active online. All the people I've picked for this list offer some great insight into their area of expertise when it comes to inbound marketing and are an example of a successful social media presence. In no particular order, here are my 9 favorite inbound marketing Twitter accounts to follow. 

1. @CopyBlogger - Brian Clark
Brian is the lead at where they specialize in content marketing, online publishing, and copywriting advice. They produce a lot content that can help any business with their online marketing, particularly blogging, technique.

2. @Mashable - Pete Cashmore
Pete is the CEO of the digital news outlet Mashable. Personally, I love Mashable. They are extremely timely with their content and are a great way to keep up with what's happening in tech and social media (both in a business sense and in pop culture).

3. @Dharmesh - Dharmesh Shah
Dharmesh is the founder and CTO at HubSpot. He also contributes to a blog Some of what he shares is technical, others are motivational. He's an entertaining personality as well.

4. @GaryVee - Gary Vaynerchuk
Gary is the best selling author of Crush It and The Thank-You Economy. He also splits time between and Vayner Media. His personality is sure to rub some the wrong way (just ask Randy), but he's passionate about what he does and he's good for a laugh or two most days.

5. @LisaOstrikoff - Lisa Ostrikoff
Lisa brings a little local Calgary flavor to our list. She is a former News Reporter/Anchor turned creator of BizBoxTV. She's a great "Twitterer" and is always sharing content from around the web.

6. @BrianSolis - Brian Solis
Brian brings a different twist to digital media as a sociologist and futurist. One of my favorite ideas of his is "Digital Darwinism" which he talks about on his blog at

7. @Grader - HubSpot Grader
HubSpot, one of the leaders on the inbound marketing front, offers up a ton of free content. There isn't much in the way of interaction, but the content they give away is well worth a follow.

8. @ChrisBrogan - Chris Brogan
Chris is a successful blogger at and offers great insight into adding the human element into your social media presence. Not only is his blog great, he's very active on Twitter, interacting with others regularly.

9. @Avinash - Avinash Kaushik
Avinash is a Google guy amongst other things, who specializes in SEO and analytics. He's very active on Twitter, and if you have the chance to watch him speak - do it!. He's one of the few people who can turn analytics into a fun topic.


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